What Is News? Baby don’t irk me, don’t irk me, no more!

Ok, so it seems that I might have forgotten this space for, ahem, FOUR years, during which I know for sure that I tried, or at least imagined that I tried to log in, only to find that I’d forgotten not only how, but also where, exactly on this webplanet this particular adress is located.

Whether it’s a coincidence or not that these four years have also been my first four years of regular employment is of little importance. Instead, I’d like to highlight the fact that I’ve made a new comic book! It’s not very thick, but it comes with a poster, well, even a calendar poster!
And…you know what. I’m not really sure how to end this blog post, but I think I might just upload an image of the cover, which is partly in Swedish (which is a hint that most of the content in the comic book is in Swedish too, so that’s a bummer, for some of you (imaginary people reading this blog post)).

If you’re still interested in buying a copy, or ten, just write to anthony at aslund dot com (less spam spelled out this way, I think).

Ok. Good night, then!

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